Week 9 Part B: Using Categories

Blog Categories I have been on enough blogs to know that I truly appreciate when the posts are broken into categories. It makes information easier to find, plus it provides an overview to see if I'm interested in staying around to read more.   For my own site, I have researched blog categories and I have found out that they organize your site and allow readers to find the information they want. They serve as a type of table of contents that organize your posts by topic and sub-topic. I makes navigation easier for your visitors.  In addition, I found out that the more you blog and use categories the better your SEO becomes.   Who doesn't get writer's block now and again? When you have categories you have a sort of built in writer's prompt. It helps with planning as well. Right now Trident Pacific Consulting has a blog at Currently it only has one category. Forrest would like to have categories for: Organization Development (

Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts & Webinars

Making Your Blog Personal Who wants to read a boring blog post? Who wants to read anything boring? Unless it's something necessary, like the directions on a box of cake mix, no one. And how do you write something that's not boring? By making it place where people connect. By making it personal. By letting people get to know you or your customers. Sometimes that's easier said than done. What are some tips and tricks to luring in your reader with compelling content? By providing human interest to your content. If you’re trying to establish a personal, welcoming brand voice, you’ll need to write in a way that people can emotionally relate to; to become a member of your tribe.    Share a universal struggle or universal joy.  My business is providing quality golden retrievers to families. I write about my dogs, the pain of losing one to disease, the disgust of cleaning up a puppy who rolled in his own poop, the joy of seeing families with their new puppy.  What do these things

Week 8 Part B: My Instagram Hashtag Use

tridentpacificconsulting is a brand new Instagram account. I have been running one for my own business at matigangoldens and matigangoldenretrievers for a while. There are not very many followers on my husbands account yet. Below are the 6 posts I have made to date. I made all of the memes myself on Canva. I am new to Canva so I think I am getting better with practice. I have settled into a branding color scheme of blues and oranges and tan.   So far the greatest number of likes is 6. My classmates are not really liking my stuff, maybe because I am at the end of the alphabet. I continue to like and comment on all new posts of my classmates.  For some reason the cross-posting to Facebook stopped working. I am going to see if I can troubleshoot that. It was working before...  The following are hashtags that I have used so far (newest first): #emotionalintelligence #emotions #mindfulness #selfmastery #beyourbestself #positivemindset #positivity #mindfulness #authenticpresence #cat

Week 8 Part A: How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags

 Instagram Business Research Trident Pacific Consulting is a business consulting firm and also an individual life coach. A new mindfulness course in in the works. So I was unsure which way to approach the research. I kept getting bogged down exploring what other people are doing and it was very hard to find exactly the same niche. I didn't want to just stick to former SEALs but in the end I did a lot of research there too. As for former SEALs, there are many doing some kind of coaching or business consulting. They are most active on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.   I also had a hard time finding the big consulting firms on Instagram. Maybe Instagram is not the right tool for them.  Here are some of the non-SEAL people/businesses I looked at : Elan Solutions (New Zealand firm) Organisational Effectiveness Consultant & Coach (1 Consultant) 281 posts 218 followers Around the first of the year in 2021 Elan's Instagram changed dramatically. Before that date they had

Week 7 Part B: How Other Class Businesses Use Instagram

 I made comments on Instagram on all of my classmates who had their accounts posted. I visited most as soon as we had links available. (Forgot to hit publish earlier) John Barnett Clare Dovenbarger Natasha Flaherty Sydney Gardner Sue Godwin Jonathan Golding Ana Gomez Teri Lendy Anthony McCarthy Morgan McCray Ty Morrisette Joseph Pass William Pisciotta Caleb Sanchez   https://www.

Week 6 Part B: Creating and Scheduling FaceBook Posts

Creating and Scheduling Facebook Posts I am finding this assignment extremely challenging. What is it like to work with a client that has his own idea about what needs to be posted and you have a difference of opinion? In this case it is not just a client but my husband.  What is it like to try to post often on social media when you don't have any idea how to explain what it is they do? And when you ask, you get abstract answers that no ordinary person will understand.  I decided to make some simple memes to post. I could have just copied and pasted from the internet but I wanted to get some experience making original content. I chose to use Canva. In Canva you can schedule Facebook and Instagram posts as well. To that end here is the screenshot of my scheduled Canva posts. The post scheduled on March 8th was an attempt to try to find the customer's "pain point." A business leader is unsatisfied with how his business is running and needs help. Discontent is the first

Week 6 - Part A: Engaging Your Customers - FaceBook Strategy

Engaging Your Customers - FaceBook Strategy   I liked the following pages as my business page: Magazine Pages I liked the 7 magazine pages because Forrest would like to get published as an author of his own book and by submitting magazine articles. The more published he is, the more the word will get out about his knowledge and services. Forbes Inc. HBR - Harvard Business Review Entrepreneur CEO World Magazine Ranch and Coast (local magazine) San Diego Magazine  Pacific San Diego Magazine Military Pages I liked the following Military Pages to keep a finger on the pulse and connect with military leaders and veterans. Naval Special Warfare Command   US Navy SEAL & SWCCNavy SEAL Foundation SEAL Family Foundation Ironman Super Frog US Navy Leadership Pages/Blogs The target market for Trident Pacific Consulting are leaders in business or organizations. John C. Maxwell Mindful Leader Jesse Lyn Stoner - Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership Other Target Market sites Where would so